Ends on January 10, 2020

 Please read these instructions carefully, for we have updated the way that we accept submissions.

You may only submit one document for each application form, but are still able to submit up to eight application forms for Art and Photography. They just need to be seperate. I understand that this makes you have to go through the process again but this helps the team review your pieces individually instead of bundled together. And at a quicker pace.

Please do not put your name, or address anywhere in the title of the file uploaded, for when we review the submissions they need to be anonymous, so that we continue to have non-biased voting. We understand the need to have a signiture on the pieces, that is fine. Just not on the title of the file uploaded.

We print both color and black-and-white photography and art. There are no restrictions on style or theme. For judging purposes, editors can view small and/or low resolution files sent as jpeg attachments. You may also direct us to a website with your work, but please let us know which specific pieces you would like us to consider. If accepted, we will need high-resolution files (at least 300 dpi, preferably jpegs). You are only able to submit, seperately, up to eight pieces of Art and Photography.

We will use the right to refuse any submissions that fail to meet these criteria, in order to maintain a safe, un-baised, and easy voting for your pieces.

Thank you very much,

Editing Team